Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Role Models

I'm completely struck by the shows like American Idol who are grooming the next "It" people.  When you look at the people that have made it and are famous in our society it amazes me that people aspire to that.  A quick look at some of the tv shows; Girls Next Door (girls famous for posing naked and group dating an 80 some year old man), Keeping up with the Kardashians (one sister gets famous from a sex tape and the show follows her family), Paris Hiltons New BFF (another sex tape but throw in some cash from being an heiress), Rock of Love (famous rock star search for love with a bunch of crazy women).  I can't imagine wanting any of that.  

Then you think of the two people that hit the pinnacle of their careers in rock and roll, Elvis and Michael Jackson.  Both of them had so much money and were known for their excess.  They had what would seem like everything in our society.  But both were empty known for their prescription drug use.  It amazes me that people romanticize that type of lifestyle.  It just shows you that when you do get that brass ring in the entertainment industry your life isn't fulfilled.

When I was younger I wanted to be happy when I grew up.  What I soon learned in my teen years was that I didn't equate happiness with money.  I equated money with bigger houses (more cleaning), fake friends, scam artists, etc.  Happiness seemed to be connected with how much you give of yourself to others.  Happily this early lesson has never proved wrong and even though I struggle sometimes with wanting bigger and better; mostly I'm extremely happy with what I've been blessed with. Sometimes it just takes a pause to realize that my life is very good and I have so much that I have enough to give as well.


Megan said...

Amen, thanks for posting this.

Andrea said...

You know, I have always felt this way about celebrities, and now especially with the ridiculous shows that are on TV. Thanks so much for posting this - it makes me feel so much better about my un-celebrity life! When are we hanging out? :)

mama k said...

too true.

I also think it's sad how ppl have treated MJ like a punch line for so many years now. Clearly the man had some serious problems. But now that he's dead, ppl only have great things to say. Odd.