Monday, May 18, 2009

The Plague has Passed

So last week I was down and out. I felt like a truck ran me over most days so wasn't too into the blog. Then this weekend I started feeling a tiny bit better but then the husband got hit by the sick truck. There was a good amount of hot tea and ramen soup to be had over at Casa de Dirkey. Today I woke up to feel a little bit better, there are so many good things going this week. First I get to see my sister and her family who I only see maybe once a year (any family reading this is a surprise so shhhh). Last time we saw them was for about 30 minutes at the Minnesota airport on our stopover to Hawaii so I'm pretty excited about that. I also got my substitute teacher certificate so I'll be able to pick up some more work each week. I also have plans to make some mozzarella cheese the fresh milk I get from an Amish Farm.
What you got going for this week?

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mama k said...

glad you are feeling better...

I just have the usual on my plate this week: cooking cleaning wrangling the toddler.