Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had such a nice weekend. Friday we went out to see "He's Just Not That Into You" for the most part I liked it as a cheesy date night movie definitely wasn't my fav chick flick though. Then Sat the hubs had band practice so I went with him and spent some time with the drummers family who are also great family friends. My friend Anne (the drummers wife) and I went out to lunch, I helped her alter a costume for a 70's party she was going to, then over to do some shopping. From there the hubs and I did a little bit of shopping and came home and vegged for a little bit watching a few episodes of Big Love (my new favorite show). We made a really great dinner of Fillet Mignon, asparagus and mashed sweet potatoes that we pared with a really good Merlot. After dinner we watched "Better Off Dead" and were cracking up we forgot how much we liked it.

Today we went to a church that a few friends have been telling us about and really enjoyed it. The message was insightful and applicable. We haven't really been too motivated to find a new church lately because most of the church's we went to haven't felt right to us. It was hard to me to figure out if it was the church or if I just needed to give it some time. The hubs and both really enjoyed our first time at this church, it is a bit farther away than I would like but thats ok. Its been pretty hard finding something so I'm pretty happy that things are looking up in this area.

I had some thoughts on Valentines Day yesterday. I do think the holiday is a Hallmark one that you can easily get caught up in the buy buy buy of it all and feeling obligated. However, I choose to look at is as another opportunity to show love. Yes, we should appreciate those we love every day but there's nothing wrong with a holiday that emphasizes that expression. This holiday we got small gifts for each other and made dinner together and it was amazing. The part that I was most appreciative was the thought that went into everything the hubs really took time to think of things that I would enjoy that to me really showed his love. I really love the turn that gift giving has taken in the past few years with smaller more thoughtful gifts and would encourage anyone to reduce the amount they spend and up the thought that they put into it.

3 comments: said...

Glad you liked the church!!! It may be far but there are people from all over that go to that church. (-: Hope to see you there one of these weeks. We have been under the weather here. (-;

Melody Strayer said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! Move HERRRREEEEE so I can have a fun weekend with you, too!!!

Michelle Smiles said...

I've been curious about that movie...I would like to see if but sounds like a rental! (Not that I ever get out to the movies these days anyway.)