Sunday, December 07, 2008


So yes, we have the twins. We got them last Sunday so its been just over a week now. The first few days were hard as they were getting to know us and we were getting to know them. They are completely adorable and it is a joy to have them around. Its so different though so we are still getting used to it. I am starting to get used to this whole deal of having two extra squirmy appendages with me all the time. The hubs had to learn how to change diapers on a one year old, I know poor guy they are the worst squirmers!! He is doing great and is a wonderful help to me! He even took care of the two of their morning routines today so I could make my nephews pirate birthday cake, which turned out AMAZING! We're taking things as slow as we can and staying around the house as much as we can. Today we went down the shore to my nephews bowling party then to his family party afterwards, which was a LONG day for two little one year olds!! They are both snoozing now and me thinks that they will be sleeping a little later tomorrow (crossing fingers!). They play the most amazing game where I sit on the floor and they walk to the farthest edge of the room that we are in, turn around, and "run" as fast as they can back to me laughing and giggling the whole way, when they get back to me I lift them up and cover them with kisses then the game starts again.
We are extremely blessed to have the support system that we have in friends and family. I don't know how people get by without some amazing people to stand behind them. My parents came over to babysit last night so we could celebrate our first date/engagment anniversary at Hershey Park. We got halfway out and the roads got so bad we decided to eat dinner (Shady Maple YUM!! I love me some Amish food!) and headed back.
Anyway I'm tired but felt bad for not sharing whats up!! I will post pics tomorrow of twins and also cake :)


Karen Sue said...

It has taken me many lunches to read your blog archives, and I don't know how I found you, but I think you make me smile most every day I read!! Good luck with the twins. My former SIL had twin girls that I would often watch for a weekend to give her a break. It was fun. Add me to your growing list of readers!!

Karen Sue said...

oh, I think you have done this before... how do I type something and cross it out, while leaving it to show?? I'm sort of a new blogger and you are definately all pro...

Renee said...

See? I told you you're totally inspirational!
Good luck with the twins, can't wait to hear all about your adventures with them.
loves ya

Melody Strayer said...

Yay! Thanks for the update! And wow, way to not include CHris and I on your romantic evening...! :) (Just kidding!)