Friday, July 20, 2007

Summer of Incredible Busyness

Hi Everyone,
Wow this summer feels like its flying by. I went out to Creation East the end of June, my hubby met me out there and actually dressed up like everyones favorite cucumber in front of about 75,000 people. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen!!! It was an amazing week if you are interested there are some highlights on Monsterpod. I'm truly blessed to have such an amazing job!!! From there I was catatonic for a few days from extreme tiredness!
My sister from Minnesota brought her son Ryan to visit right after the festival. So I had a good time going to the Cape May Zoo with them, taking him to a Jersey Diner, going to the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, etc. It was really nice to see both of them, my sister is preggers so hopefully Schmoop and I will be able to make it out there to see her baby when its born. During this whole time my brother had a birthday party for my two nieces Gracie (4) and Meggie (1), it was so nice seeing them and all my family! My niece Kaitlin was also there with her pregger belly, she's having twins!!!! Since then Schmoop and I went to the beach last Saturday where the stupid ocean stole his wedding ring. :( We got a silver replacement but I have a feeling someone is going to get a new wedding band for his birthday! (gee I wonder who!). Schmoop got me some really pretty white gold hoops at a cute little jewelry store in Ocean City and of course we got our Johnsons Popcorn. We also went to Smitty's ( a local clam bar) with Mama and Papa K and some of our other friends. Sunday we just vegged, it was awesome. Now I'm getting ready to fly out tomorrow to Seattle for Creation West. Then after that my summer should slow down alot!
I'm looking forward to some down time, Schmoops birthday is coming up so I want to throw a Pirate party for him sometime in August. Then we're planning on going up and seeing a Phillies/Mets game with my brother. Anyway, I hope to be back to some regular blogging soon.
Ok my list of wants I really really want to get a wide angle Pro L series 24-85 Lens, I'm hoping I get one sometime in August so I can take some awesome pirate party pictures. :)

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