Saturday, November 19, 2005


So i was talking about how i burnt my eyebrows off before, and i thought i would tell you the story. When i was younger i would watch my nieces and nephews while my older sister worked (she is 15 yrs older than me so i'm closer in age with her kids) While on one of these days i decided i was going to cook for them on the grill, i was about 10 yrs old. There are reasons they tell kids not to use gas grills, i am one of them. Well i wasn't sure how to use it so i turned the dials on, nothing... turned them off and tried again, nothing.. I'm annoyed at this point, the kids are around me and starving for hot dogs, and there is a cold grill. So i do what any kid would do i go grab some matches and toss one in the grill... POOHHFFF There is a huge fireball screaming out of the grill and covering my face. I freak out and run inside after i turn off the grill. My hair is all singed and i don't have any eyebrows, and i'm pretty sure i'm in BIG trouble! My parents didn't have too many rules growing up but afterwards i was thinking that maybe playing with the gas grill was one of them. Soo i brush my hair to get all the singed ends out and make the kids some PB&J (like i should have in the beginning) and tell my parents about ten years later when my eyebrows finally grow back. By the way they never fully grew back i still have little scars in the middle of both eyebrows.
hmmm maybe this is the reason Anne doesn't like me making smores in her gas fireplace....

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mama k said...

Sadly I did a similar thing. However it was just this summer. I knew to keep my face away, but singed all the hair off my hand and arm. I am SO smart.